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Spinnaker Sheet Block with Becket

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PBB 50 Single Becket: Weight: 129.00 g Safe working Load: 700 kg Breaking Load: 1400 kg Max line size: 12 mm Pin diam: 5 mm Shackle diam: 5 mm System: PBB50 PBB 60 Single Becket: Weight: 211.00 g Safe working Load: 1100 kg Breaking Load: 2200 kg Max line size: 14 mm Pin diam: 6 mm Shackle diam: 6 mm System: PBB60 PBB 70 Single Becket: Weight: 292.00 g Safe working Load: 1500 kg Breaking Load: 3000 kg Max line size: 14 mm Pin diam: 8 mm Shackle diam: 6 mm System: PBB70
Note - PBB70 works with Snap Shackle Adaptor 60
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