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Selden Self-Tailing Winches

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We are happy to announce that Seldén's S-series winch range has been named the winner of the Racing category in SAIL Magazine’s 2016 edition of the Pittman Innovation Award. From SAIL magazine: "Seldén’s S-series winch simplifies tacking and makes handling a loaded sheet easier and safer by allowing you to tail the line to your heart’s content with it already running through the self-tailing mechanism and the winch handle in its socket—no more having to pop in the handle or thread the loaded line while you’re hanging on for dear life with the boat on its ear. The transition from tailing to grinding mode also becomes a one-person operation, meaning you can keep that much more weight on the high side. A series of concave surfaces on the anodized aluminum drum ensures the line runs up through the carefully sculpted self-tailer with a minimum of fuss, while the socket for the handle is offset to help keep the handle out of the way."

Available beginning May, 2016. Taking Preorders Now.

Model     Base Diameter     Line Size     Low Speed      S30   150 mm    8-12 mm     40:1 S40   150 mm    8-12 mm     40:1 S48   188 mm    10-14 mm   54:1 S54   188 mm    10-14 mm   54:1

The grip on the winch drum is exceptionally efficient and combined with a unique self-tailer it enables the trimmer to pull the slack out of the sheet with the line sitting in the self-tailer and with the winch handle mounted. A great advantage for the racing sailor who can pre-load the sheet into the self-tailer of the windward winch prior to tacking and then sheet home and set the trim of the jib instantly on the new tack. Simply pull in the slack and turn the handle a turn or two to get full tension. * Fasteners and winch handle are not included.

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