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About Catalina Yachts Store

Dave Day

Our Company

Catalina Yachts Store was established in 2002 with the vision of providing quality custom apparel and great customer service. Our team has grown over the years by bringing my daughter Holly on board to run the store along with Paul and Lynn who make our custom items—allowing me more time to pursue my passion in sailing.

Our Goals

Our goal at Catalina Yachts Store is provide the best customer service to our Catalina family members. We are accomplishing this goal by traveling to boat shows across the country. This allows us to meet with our customers, get your feedback on our products, accessories, and customer service. Through constant refinement and feedback, we're committed to making the necessary changes that will continue to make us the premier yachting accessory store. We are continually adding new product lines so make sure you visit often!

Fraternally yours,

Dave Day
Owner, Catalina Yacht Store

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